-The owner and lead photographer at TGP. I am a wife, mother, Christ follower, pizza connoisseur extraordinaire, lover of laughter and bridal details. 
Based in Daphne, AL along the beautiful Gulf Coast, I love photographing the classic southern bride. 

My dream career as a wedding photographer began in 2015 as I was planning my own wedding. I LOVED the engagement season! Shopping for dresses, showing off my new ring, visiting venues, being all giddy about finding my future husband- it was all my favorite! 

I'm Toni Goodie


My clients often tell me that they can see how much I love my job and it's because I do! The process of wedding planning as a bride can honestly be a little overwhelming. Being a bride-to-be is such a special time that deserves to be celebrate and beautifully documented. Taking my experience as a bride and combining it with my expertise as a wedding photographer I am proud to offer a perfectly curated stress free wedding experience!

curating the perfect
wedding experience

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Kind Words


"My husband and I are both SUPER awkward in front of cameras so Toni had her work cut out for her. She made it all so much fun and much easier for us to relax. The pictures she has taken throughout our relationship are all incredible."

- Catherine
Fairhope, Alabama

"I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding photographer. Toni captured every aspect in a beautiful and elegant way and certainly gave me memories and pictures to go along with them that I will never forget. I could never thank her enough."

- Brina
Mobile, Alabama

"I can’t say enough about this awesome photographer. She always made me comfortable and felt more like a friend than just my photographer. Prices are very reasonable and she gets pictures back in a timely manner!"

- Micaela
Gautier, Mississippi

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How do I book? 

To reserve your date, I'll need a $300 retainer and signed agreement.

Did we just become best friends?



How long after the wedding will my photos be ready?

Your full wedding gallery will be ready 6-8 weeks after your wedding day. You can expect a few sneak peaks on FB & IG just a few days after your wedding & a blog with enough images to tell the full story of your day a few weeks later. 


Should we share a first look? 

Yes, PLEASE! I love when couples choose to do a first look! A few benefits are: 40% more portraits, enjoying the surprise freely, guaranteed alone time & diminishing nerves. Check out my First Look Blog for more details!

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