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January 17, 2020

5 Things to Do After You’re Married

Congratulations! The wedding is over, your dress has been cleaned and packed up, and your gifts have all been put away. What do you do now? Jumping into married life after your wedding day can easily make you feel like there’s a lot to do and not a lot of time. Or, for some brides, it can feel like you’re not sure where to go next. Wherever you fall, here’s five quick things you can do after you’re married to help get your new life started off on the right foot!

5 things to do after you're married by Toni Goodie Photography

Change Your Name!

If you’re planning to change your name in Alabama, there’s a few things you’ll need to do. You’ll want to get your name changed on your driver’s license and social security cards – so make appointments with those departments to have that paperwork done. Don’t forget about the Post Office, or passport either, especially if you’re going on your honeymoon someplace out of the country. Generally, you’ll need whatever form that office wants, plus a copy of your marriage license and sometimes a proof of new residence as well (think utility bill). You can see more tips here!

Share Your Experience for Future Brides!

If you haven’t already, hop on over and join our TGP Brides Facebook Group! This is a great place to chat about your favorite parts of your special day and help out future TGP brides! Sharing about your experience, what you loved or would have done differently, can be super helpful to other couples planning their wedding day!

5 things to do after you're married by Toni Goodie Photography

Share Your Wedding Gallery with Friends and Family!

Within a few weeks of your wedding day, your wedding gallery will be returned to you. Everyone will be so excited to see your photos, so share away! Send the gallery to your friends and family or post them online. There’s no such thing as oversharing your wedding photos!!!

Order Your Prints and Album!

Now that your wedding gallery has arrived, it’s time to order prints and your wedding album! Cozy up with your computer and a glass of wine so you can decide your favorite images from the day. These can then be printed to be gifted to your family and friends, as well as being turned into your wedding album! I love seeing which photos my couples pick for their prints and album.

Send Thank You Notes!

While you’re in your gallery, choose a few photos you can convert into a thank you card! Get those printed while you’re at it, and then start writing! Although it’s easy to send a quick text these days, a handwritten note is always appreciated. Especially when it comes to weddings!

Five quick tips for brides after they're married by Toni Goodie Photography

See? Getting into married life after your wedding day is easy! Plus, who doesn’t want to relive their wedding day through their photos over and over again? I’d love to hear from you – is there another tip you’d recommend to future TGP Brides? Oh, and congratulations again!

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